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Hi, my name is Libby Steel.

For most of my life, I was a nursery school teacher at Penmoor Nursery in Yelverton. After my own children were grown I was able to pursue my dream to truly help vulnerable children get better - so 6 years ago I began training to be a play therapist. 

I have now been a fully trained play therapist for over 5 years. I work within local schools and privately to help children get their childhoods back after they have encountered emotional trauma. I'm now also a trainee Creative Arts Councillor for Children and Young People.

  • BEd Hons from Goldsmiths

  • Post Grad Diploma from PTUK

  • Registered PTUK accredited member

  • DBS Checked

  • Fully Insured


"Libby has worked as a play therapist with children at our school for the last two years.  The impact on the children selected has been significant.  One child in year 4, who was persistently removed from class due to his unacceptable behaviour, is now settled and happy in class and catching up with his peers.  Libby has worked with 2 children at the school, who have been taken into care.  Her therapeutic work with these children has ensured they have had a safe space to work through their anxieties and difficulties, positively impacting on their ability to focus on their learning in class.  These are just a few examples of the many children that have been helped to manage their feelings and behaviour in a more effective way as a result of Libby's therapeutic input.  

Libby also builds excellent relationships with the parents of the children she works with; meeting before, during and after the course to offer feedback and advice, which parents find very useful and supportive.  I would highly recommend Libby's play therapy for those children with gaps in their social and emotional development or children experiencing traumatic or difficult events in their life."

Deputy Head of a Devon school

"Libby has provided a weekly play therapy session for the last 2 years for a very vulnerable child, during which time she has always been reliable, professional and patient. The child has built up a good rapport with her and enjoys the sessions, looking forward to the next session and pro-actively checking that he knows when it is. She provides a safe space for him where he can relax and explore issues and has given staff advice and strategies for them to use. "

School SENCO

"She is much happier and she can explain what is making her sad now so that we can help her at home"


"The play therapy that my child received really helped his confidence and enabled him to enjoy his time at school without so much anxiety."


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